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TECHNOTORG is expanding its range of construction equipment

TECHNOTORG is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Chinese construction equipment manufacturer, WEHEAVY - Weichai Intelligent Heavy Industry.

As a result, our range of construction equipment will now include high-tech crawler excavators, mini-excavators, and wheeled front-end loaders from the WEHEAVY brand, which will easily meet all the needs of modern Ukrainian industrialists.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of its customers. For instance, excavators from the brand have a lifting capacity ranging from 1.5 to 120 tons, while front-end loaders range from 2 to 10 tons.

WEHEAVY, founded in 1998, is a subsidiary of the Weichai Group, which also includes the well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural machinery, LOVOL, which has established itself successfully in our market in recent years.

WEHEAVY's manufacturing facilities are located in Qingdao, China. The plant covers an area of over 400 acres, with 300 acres dedicated to the experimental base, where up to 140 machines can be tested for performance simultaneously! The total annual production volume of construction equipment is 10,000 units.

Drawing on the golden industrial chain developed by its parent company (Weichai engine + fast Linde transmission + Hande axle), as well as new energy and other major industrial resources, WEHEAVY continues to implement the core technologies of construction equipment development that are already in active use worldwide.

At TECHNOTORG, we work every day to improve and expand our range so that our customers can find everything they need for themselves and their businesses in one place.

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